Funny Finnish words with literal translations

Logic and simplicity are integral parts of Finnish culture and are even evident in the Finnish language. I have gathered some of my favourite amusingly logical (and occasionally not-so-logical) Finnish nouns along with their literal translations. Enjoy! Pesusieni Wash mushroom = Sponge Joulupukki Christmas goat = Santa Claus Tietokone Knowledge machine = Computer Lentokone Flight... Continue Reading →


Family fun at Herra Hakkaraisen Talo

On a rainy June day we made the trip to Herra Hakkaraisen Talo (The House of Mr. Clutterbuck) in Sastamala, Finland. The house is based around the sleepwalking character and other stories of Finnish author and illustrator Mauri Kunnas. The house is composed of a number of themed rooms across two floors (plus a small... Continue Reading →

Juhannus in the Finnish countryside

Juhannus, the midsummer holiday in Finland, began fairly traditionally with cold and rainy weather this year. But that didn't stop us packing up and heading to the summer cottage for the weekend, along with much of the rest of Finland. The pouring rain also didn't stop us from gathering outside the cottage to raise the... Continue Reading →

12 hours in Old Town Tallinn, Estonia

We slept aboard the cruise ship from Helsinki and hopped off in Tallinn the next morning at the fairly civilised time of 8am. We headed straight for the Old Town, which is only about a 15 minute walk from the harbour. Follow the signs for Vanalinn or simply look for the medieval towers peeking out... Continue Reading →

Villa Mairea & historical Noormarkku

We made a day trip to Noormarkku, in western Finland, for a guided tour of the grand home Villa Mairea and a look around the historical village. Villa Mairea was designed by famous Finnish architects and designers Alvar and Aino Aalto as an experimental, modern home for art lovers Maire and Harry Gullichsen. It was... Continue Reading →

Life in Finland: Summer plans 2018

Our first full-length summer as a family in Finland is now upon us and we have some exciting trips and fun activities planned. Cruise to Tallinn, Estonia Initially we thought we wouldn't travel abroad until next year, but when cruises from Helsinki to Tallinn are as cheap as 15€ (including an overnight cabin), who could... Continue Reading →

Spring weekend at the cottage

We finally got to visit our family's holiday cottage after several years of missing it ❤ It was only a short stay but we still found time to relax in the sunshine, visit the sauna, admire the sunset over the water, spend time with family, eat pancakes, try fishing and explore the forest in search... Continue Reading →

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