1 month to go: Finnish passport & moving out

How surreal that we are down to the last month of the countdown. I feel ready to hop on that plane, but at the same time I still have quite a few things to organise here first. Moving house This past month has been quite hectic as we sold all of our furniture and the... Continue Reading →


2 months to go: embassy visit & finding an apartment

This past month has, without a doubt, been the most exciting so far in the lead up to our move to Finland. I have so much to fill you in on! Visit to Finnish Embassy We ticked an important box off our list this month with our visit to the Embassy of Finland in Canberra.... Continue Reading →

Our last Christmas in Australia

Happy New Year 2018! I thought I had better hurry up and post about our Christmas before we get much further into the new year. As usual, we celebrated both Finnish Christmas on the 24th and Australian Christmas on the 25th. Luckily this year's weather was much cooler (around +23C) than last year's Christmas (around... Continue Reading →

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